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Problem Solving 101

How to Handle Your Business Issues with the Most Efficiency and the Least Stress

Learn how to develop your critical thinking skills so you will be able to overcome any problem that may arise when starting a business.

Problem-solving is a business skill that often takes time and experience to learn to do effectively – this is just a beginners’ guide on how to structure that process. AMI’s Consultants have robust experience in solving problems, and are willing to help!

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This guide has been published by Arizona Microcredit Initiative, 501(c)(3), an Arizona-based nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting underserved entrepreneurs in the Phoenix area through microlending, consulting, and education services. Visit our website to learn more!

An Introduction to Business Problems

You probably don’t need anyone to explain what a business problem is – you deal with them daily and have a much better understanding of where they come from, how serious they are, and, to a degree, how to solve them. The purpose of this document is to provide you, the prospective or current entrepreneur / small business owner, with tools to structure your thinking about problems so that 1.) you can more smoothly tackle them yourself and 2.) train others on your team who aren’t as involved as you to solve problems on their own.

Business problems arise in all sizes and in all aspects of business. Here are a very select few, but the ones you might encounter may be much larger or smaller in size, scope, and importance to your business. This is just a list of examples:

  • My sales this month have been lower than usual