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Digital programming for business education on your time

AMI strives to provide meaningful information to our clients. Our new online educational materials are an extension of this effort. Below are videos for various topics of interest to starting a small business: the Business Model Canvas and the Break-Even Analysis.

Within these topics, you will find a video walking through a concept with one of our staff members, alongside an interactive section where you can personalize the lesson.

Access the BMC module here:



The Business Model Canvas is a simple, effective tool to create a plan for your business, no matter which stage you are in.


It will help you describe, design, assess, and change your business model.


Learn more by accessing our module.

Download the Break-Even Template here:

The break-even analysis will help you determine the point in which all costs are covered by the revenue of your business.

This tool can help you determine the price of your products, plan for demand, and set sales goals.


Watch our video explanation and download our template to learn more.

We rely on participation and feedback from the community to be able to improve our service offerings as a whole, so please provide us with any feedback for the product using our feedback form below.

Thank you!