We offer loans up to $5,000 at low interest rates 

We work with you to help your business SUCCEED.

Our loans are tailored to fit your business needs. Let us help your business reach its full potential.

We offer two different loan options for entrepreneurs at any stage of business development, from start up to expansion.

Phase II Loan: Grow Your Business

  • $1,001 to $5,000

  • 6-24 month term

  • 5% simple interest rate

  • Business bank account and Employee Identification Number required

  • Proof of business income

Our Phase II loan is designed for the entrepreneur with an existing small business who is looking to purchase new equipment or supplies to aid expansion.


During the term of your loan, we consult with you one-on-one to discuss business challenges and implement solutions to ensure your business is successful.

Phase I Loan: Build Your Business

  • Up to $1,000

  • 2-12 month term

  • 7% simple interest rate

  • No business records required

  • No credit score required

Our Phase I loan is ideal for anyone with a great business idea, entrepreneurial spirit and concrete plan for allocating funds. We offer consulting services for all loan clients to help you launch your business. 

Clients who successfully complete a Phase I loan will be given priority consideration for a Phase II loan up to $5,000 for further business development.

Interested in a loan?


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