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Crypt Music: How Local Friends Converted Their Hobby Into A Business | AMI Success Story

Crypt Music is a local DJ Collective that consists of four friends who have come together to share their love for music. They are working to turn their hobby into a full-time business. Collective is focused on creating enjoyable experiences for young people through the musical events they host around the Phoenix area.

AMI’s staff members had the opportunity to meet the founder of Crypt Music, Davis Page, at the State 48 event. This event was organized to assist small businesses in finding the resources they need to succeed in their respective industries. During the event, Crypt Music expressed interest in collaborating with AMI and highlighted that they were looking for assistance in increasing their revenue and enhancing their online presence through different social media platforms.

Problem Statement

AMI was excited to offer Crypt Music free consulting services to help them overcome their business challenges. AMI’s group of consultants provided the collective with consulting services on pricing models and marketing strategies. Through careful analysis and market research, the team was able to help the collective develop a pricing model that was both fair to the DJs and attractive to potential customers. Additionally, AMI’s team provided the collective with guidance on effective marketing techniques specialized for different social media platforms.


AMI conducted an analysis of Crypt Music’s financial situation and identified methods for them to significantly reduce costs. Through research, AMI proposed a new event pricing strategy that would lead to an increase in sales. DJ collective began to see a significant increase in bookings and revenue. Collective was able to expand its reach and gain a larger following, leading to greater success in its business.

What Crypt Music Has To Say About AMI's Services

“The team over at AMI were game changers in the way we think about my company’s business strategy. I had the pleasure of working closely with Dachi who spear headed this project and ensured that every bit of information provided was thoroughly researched and worth investing time into. AMI has given me the opportunity to improve my business beyond what I ever could have imagined!”

Arizona Microcredit Initiative wants to help your business just like Crypt Music. To learn about how AMI can best serve you, read our consulting methodology or schedule an initial consultation with our knowledgable staff!


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