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A Key to Business Expansion: Small Business Upskilling

Upskilling is the idea that the people in a business, whether that be the business owner or employees, will learn new material and skills which will improve their productivity in the workplace. Therefore, upskilling is crucial to business expansion because they will be able to accomplish a wider arrays of tasks. For example, taking customer relationships to the next step through customer and market information allows you to take your business to the next level. Utilizing readily available statistics can help small businesses with market research and competitive analysis. In this article, we will provide multiple resources and skills your business can explore to boost employee productivity.

A visual showing different business topics which can be involved in business expansion and upskilling

References to Read for Business Expansion

General Business Statistics

Consumer Statistics & Demographics

Economic Indicators

Marketing Upskilling for Business Expansion

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is a one-stop shop for everything there is to know Facebook Business Page including best practices for posting and advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Monitoring

Learn actionable social monitoring takeaways for people of all skills levels related to keyword filtering, Google related searches, monitoring strategies for Facebook, and more!

Email Marketing for E-Commerce

Create engaging email marketing campaigns and learn to optimize your strategy in order to increase business revenue.

Inbound Marketing Certification

This HubSpot certification will teach the basics of email marketing, content marketing, SEO, reporting, and more to cultivate modern-day inbound marketing strategy.

Analytics Upskilling for Business Expansion

A visual showing different analytical skills people can develop to allow for business expansion

The willingness of the business owner and employees to learn new skills is essential to business expansion. By ensuring that the labor force is maximizing its potential by constantly developing their skillset, a business will be able to adapt to unexpected situations and build new projects. For example, by developing new analytical skills, you may be able to discover new findings on how to better price your products - click here to learn more about business pricing strategy.


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