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Building Customer Relationships - Promotion Strategies

To effectively expand your follower base and, consequently, your business, prioritize nurturing customer relationships. Consider what incentives would compel individuals to engage with your business and how you can foster meaningful connections with your customers. Implementing strategies such as running promotions or hosting giveaways via your social media platforms can offer tangible benefits to those who engage with your brand. These initiatives serve as opportunities to gauge which promotional tactics resonate best with your audience, ultimately guiding your business towards success.

What are Promotional Strategies and why are they important?

Promotional strategies are designed to generate interest in your product or band. They use a unique combination of advertising, sales promotion, and promotional platforms, such as social media, to encourage customers to buy your product. It is a useful method to get more people to try your products, keep customers loyal, and identify potential customers.

What are some examples of Promotional Strategies?

A picture of Trader Joe's using promotional strategies to encourage the sales of items like cookie sticks using a picture of a bird in its nest.
A picture of Trader Joe's logo. This can be used as part of the promotional strategies as the brand name and logo are heavily intertwined

Promotional Strategies:

  • Coupons: Provide discounts to consumers upon redemption.

  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGO): Encourages product accessibility and urgency.

  • Giveaways: Introduce products to consumers through free opportunities.

Matching Strategies to Brand Standards:

  • Consider the compatibility of promotional tactics with the brand's identity.

  • Example: Trader Joe's opts for seasonal items over coupons to maintain brand consistency.

There is a myriad of Promotional Strategies available for utilization. Coupons offer consumers discounts upon redemption, while Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) deals enhance product accessibility and urgency. Giveaways provide consumers with the opportunity to experience a product at no cost. It's crucial to align these strategies with your business's brand standards. For instance, Trader Joe's, known for its unique branding, refrains from offering coupons but utilizes seasonal items as part of its promotional strategy.

Everyday examples of promotion strategies

An example of promotion strategies where Costco partners with Ritz to so that Ritz crackers can increase their products sold.

In this example, Ritz Crackers has partnered with Costco and is doing a giveaway to get their product into the hands of more people as a Promotional Strategy.

One of Subway's promotional strategies called BOGO, which is buy one get one free. The picture contains 2 sandwiches that would be bought for the price of one.

In this example, Subway is offering a BOGO deal on their Subs. This is an example of a Promotional Strategy in Action.

How to use Social Media to promote your product

Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram presents valuable opportunities to bolster awareness and cultivate interest in your products. By implementing promotions on these platforms, you not only inform existing customers but also attract potential ones, fostering new customer relationships. These initiatives effectively reward your loyal customer base while also enticing newcomers to engage with your brand at discounted rates.

Using promotion strategies to reach your target demographic

While using your business’ social media platforms is an effective method of reaching customers, creating targeted ads on social media will enable you to reach more prospective customers. Identifying those who might be interested in your products, either by sites they interact with or recent searches, will reach prospective customers that might not have heard of your brand. You can learn more about how to create social media ads by clicking here.

Promotional strategies are a vital and helpful tool that your business can employ to increase both short-term sales, but also long-term growth through an increase in awareness. Whether it be through discounts, coupons, or Buy One Get One Free, there are always opportunities for your business to promote its product. To learn more about the ways pricing can influence consumer expectations of goods, click here to read a short analysis covering pricing strategies.


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