Learn how to set up your business with the Interactive BMC

The Business Model Canvas is a simple, effective tool to create a plan for your business, no matter which stage you are in. It will help you describe, design, assess, and change your business model.

Hover over each segment to see the BMC in action! In this example, we applied the BMC to LinkedIn! Then, scroll down to find educational resources to help build each section of your Business Model Canvas. 

Key Partnerships

The companies or suppliers you work with in order to deliver your product or service.

Who do you need to work with to access key resources and execute key activities?

Key Activities

Actions a business performs to achieve their value proposition

Key Resources

The items essential for implementing a business's key activities such as a register, vehicle, or employee.

Value Proposition

The value that your business creates for its customers.

What problem is my business solving?

Customer Relationships

The methods used to interact with and retain customers.


Means of communication a business uses to interact with customers including a brick and mortar store or social media

Customer Segments

Using shared characteristics to determine the target audience for a business.

Who is the target audience or market the business is solving the problem for?

Cost Structure

All costs a business has, even if it is not tied directly to product creation (insurance, legal, rent, wages, etc.)

Revenue Streams

How the product or service creates financial gain, outline your monetary collection methods and pricing.

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