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HerRights: Building Nonprofit Programs For Women's Rights In Arizona And Abroad | AMI Success Story

In 2012 after the brutal assault of a woman in New Dehli, Tanu Ghosh an Indian native and Arizonan knew she had to something. Her solution was the start HerRights, a nonprofit intended to address the systemic gender issues starting here in Arizona, but with the vision to expand globally. Over the next few years, the team began to grow with part-time volunteers, made connections with other organizations, and began to empower women through workshops to help refugee women prepare for professional advancement. Problem Statement Despite the passion of the HerRight’s staff they struggled to determine where their impact, mission, and vision should be best placed to address their vision of addressing systemic issues and root causes related to women’s rights. Solution The AMI Staff addressed a few key issues for the HerRights team:
Mission & Vision Statement Recommendations The team analyzed the current HerRights mission & vision statements and compared it to other similar organizations. The AMI team then provided recommendations to clarify the exact mission of the organization and the actions they will support to achieve their mission. Operational Analysis Given the HerRights team consisted mostly of volunteers, many of whom had full-time jobs, AMI conducted an operational analysis to understand where time was being spent in the organization (operations, fundraising, programs, etc). From there the AMI staff was able to present a balanced operational model that optimized the time and expertise of the HerRights team. Funding Model Recommendation As the HerRights team looked to expand their program of resources facilitation they needed to build a sustainable funding model for their organization. AMI compiled resources of grants specific to the HerRights mission and implemented passive donation channels for the HerRights website. Story-Based Marketing Once the HerRights team had solidified their internal mission, operations, and finances the next question became how to draw attention to their organization and the programs they were facilitating. Given this, the AMI staff developed a story-based marketing campaign and identified channels for HerRights to grow their online presence and brand image. What HerRights Had To Say About AMI's Services After working with AMI, the HerRights team shifted their focus from running their own programs to instead fundraise and serve as a network for other organizations with similar missions. Founder Tanu Ghosh had this to say about working with the AMI staff:
“AMI was beyond helpful for a small, starting nonprofit like ours,” she said. “They are like guiding stars who will do the research for you, which a small, zero-overhead organization did not have bandwidth to do. They didn’t stop there — on everything from mission statement, organization design to generating passive revenue to intern postings — they hand-held us through working sessions to get the actual changes made — all for free. Their material was always high quality, accurate and targeted.” Arizona Microcredit Initiative wants to help your business just like Crypt Music. To learn about how AMI can best serve you, read our consulting methodology or schedule an initial consultation with our knowledgable staff!

HerRights: Building Nonprofit Programs For Women's Rights In Arizona And Abroad | AMI Success Story
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