The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing

Marketing is extremely important for your business; actually, it is your top priority. It does not matter how great your product or service may be if no one knows it exists. Strong marketing tells the world “Hey! We are here!” Here are some guidelines on how to market effectively.

DO: Utilize your network

DON’T: Market to random strangers

The people in your own personal network are a great place to start marketing to. As a startup, you should avoid focusing all your time on strangers. The people in your network already know and trust you and therefore will be more likely to purchase your product or service. Invite small groups out for coffee and market to them over that fresh morning cup. Your friends will then tell their friends and you will see your business grow.

DO: Think about your competition

DON’T: Have tunnel vision

It is easy to look at your product or service and think that you’re the best. Stop that. Don’t have this tunnel vision. Scope out the competition and see what they are doing. How are they marketing their products? Do others see your product or service more superior? What can you do to improve your marketing strategy? Take what you have learned with your competition and use it as an advantage by applying it to your business.

DO: Find new revenue streams

DON’T: Stick with one area

Always be searching for new revenue streams to market to. These are opportunities and you never want to pass up an opportunity. The idea of getting your product or service in front of as many people as possible and expanding your business is ideal. Therefore, you should market new revenue streams because it’s more possibilities to make a profit.

Find your target market is and go get ‘em! The world is just waiting to hear about your product or service but needs a little help finding it.

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