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Preguntas frecuentes sobre microcréditos

Financiar su pequeña empresa es un paso importante para el crecimiento. Aquí en AMI, queremos que este proceso sea lo más simple posible. Lea una compilación de las preguntas frecuentes sobre micropréstamos más solicitadas aquí.

Crypt Music

“The team over at AMI were game changers in the way we think about my company’s business strategy. AMI has given me the opportunity to improve my business beyond what I ever could have imagined!”


“AMI was beyond helpful for a small, starting nonprofit like ours,” she said. “They are like guiding stars who will do the research for you, which a small, zero-overhead organization did not have bandwidth to do. Their material was always high quality, accurate and targeted.”

E. Vill Image Consulting

"I cannot thank you and your team enough! This has been an amazing opportunity and I am truly grateful for all of your help. I truly appreciate you guys so much. I have learned so much and am extremely excited for my business to continue growing thanks to AMI. We will definitely stay in touch!"

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