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Eboni is an entrepreneur with  runs a small business that promotes body positivity through feel good, inclusive clothing to ensure women of all backgrounds feel confident in themselves. Her business also offers a variety of self-care resources such as podcasts, self-love quizzes, open-forum blogs, and more!


Under her business, The Identity of She, Eboni designs and distributes her clothing all across the country through her website and at local farmers markets.

How AMI's Five-Step Initiative worked for The Identity of She:


Define the current state

Carol is a retired interior designer and long-time “fabric junky”. Carol turned this passion for fabrics and clothing into a business when she created Milos Designs – a women’s clothing company.

Under her business, Milos Designs, Carol is able to create various women’s clothing pieces and distribute across the valley and state.


Identify Improvement Opportunities

AMI’s consulting team met with Carol to gain a greater understanding of her business and goals.


After identifying Carol’s primary goal as gaining more traction and increasing sales, the consulting team established a few tactics to further research.


Conduct Research

The AMI team gathered historical data on Carol’s past sales across her various selling locations and channels.


The team then analyzed top selling locations, finding the common threads amongst top performing locations and channels, and identified key characteristics of successful selling points.


Design Solution

AMI’s team then identified a handful of locations for Carol to contact and try to get Milos Designs’ products placed within. These store locations were provided based off of the analysis of Carol’s previous successes.


Measure Results

As Carol continues to work through the process of breaking into new locations, AMI’s

team is continuing to be at Carol’s side and assist with process.


AMI looks forward to seeing Carol’s great success in breaking into many stores in the upcoming months!

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